CTO as a Service

Your strategic partner in bringing ideas to life

Do you have an idea for a technology startup, or perhaps a spin-off idea has emerged within an existing company? Or are you planning to establish a technology department within your organization or considering investments related to technology? In situations where your company lacks an in-house CTO, it's possible to engage a supplemental CTO service to join your team.



What value the service brings?

Risk mitigation in technology investments

Objective assessment and risk analysis of technology projects and investments

Faster time-to-market

Start implementing your idea immediately, even if you don't have a technology team in place

Cost saving

It is on-demand service, eliminating the immediate need to hire new personnel

Example cases when CTO as service is a good fit

You have a strong understanding of your industry and insight for product idea, but lacking technical expertise

The CTO assists in realizing the product idea in a way that considers growth potential and mitigates other risks associated with product development

Need to quickly bring an idea to life

It's neither practical nor sensible to immediately hire a new tech personnel in terms of resource utilization

Launching a startup

A startup lacking a co-founder with a technology background and initially not seeing the necessity or purpose of hiring a separate individual

Strategic partner for senior management

A partner for the company's management team, consulting in strategic decisions involving technology components and choices

Development of the organization's technology department

Planning to launch a new or transform an existing technology department

What clients are saying?

Portrait of Hendrik Roosna

Hendrik Roosna

CEO and Founder

Fairown Finance is a fintech company that provides a complete suite of software and services to manage the entire product subscription lifecycle from financing, packaging, pricing, billing, shipping, and tracking.

Portrait of Jan Lomholdt

Jan Lomholdt

CEO and Founder

GAIA Global aims to be the world's leading B2B partner relationship management tool between suppliers in the Maritime and Energy industries and sales partners all around the globe. With the GAIA Global online platform you will be able to strengthen your global sales channels.

Who will be consulting you?

Portrait of Gert Glükmann

Gert Glükmann

Gert is a seasoned software architect and UX/UI expert with a passion for crafting seamless digital experiences.

With over a decade immersed in the world of software development and having worked on numerous projects, he brings unparalleled expertise to the table in creating user-friendly solutions with the latest technology available.

His innovative approach ensures that every interface not only meets but exceeds user expectations, resulting in unforgettable digital journeys that leave a lasting impression.

Portrait of Mihhail Verhovtsov

Mihhail Verhovtsov

Mihhail is an accomplished software architect and developer with over a decade of experience, boasting an extensive track record of collaborating with both enterprises and startups.

With a profound understanding of technology and keen insight into the financial technology domain, he seamlessly blends expertise with innovation.

Mihhail's track record exemplifies his adeptness at bridging the gap between intricate technical solutions and the dynamic needs of the market, making him an invaluable asset to any team or project. He has played key roles in the development and enhancement of several mission-critical systems, working with clients such as Telia, Bigbank, Fairown Finance, Operail, Julianus, among others.

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